Our mission is to protect yacht owners and offer an unrivaled quality of yacht management services.


Everyone of our team members is highly qualified in his or her field. Our technical team is comprised of Captains and Engineers with the highest diplomas and experience onboard the world’s largest boats. Our administrators hold Bachelors and Masters degrees in their respective fields and have years of experience.

Celine Robins

President & Founder


After graduating from La Sorbonne University in Paris, France, Celine received a full grant for an MBA in Clark University in Worcester, MA, USA, specializing in Finance and IT. Later on she studied Entrepreneurship at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Celine has always been passionate about boats, yachts and watersports. At 18 years-old, she was already holding her captain’s license and was traveling the world during her university summer breaks, coaching waterskiing and wakeboarding.

After graduation, she spent 6 years working for the Rodriguez Group (Mangusta, Leopard, Astondoa, and ISA) as the Operations Manager for its fleet of yachts in Florida. She then worked for 10 years for a major yacht management company as its U.S. Managing Director. Celine took that experience, and launched One-to-One Yacht Management.

Christophe Deschodt

Christophe Deschodt

Company Security Officer / MLC Company Officer


Christophe Deschodt has got a Master Class 1 licence and a Chief Engineer certificate from the French Merchant Marine Academy. Following his graduation, he kept sailing on board Passenger vessels implementing and operating all mandatory documents and maintenance systems. He has a Harbour Pilot Licence for all vessels in the port of Toulon. He is ISO 9001 certified lead auditor and has got USPHS degree. In addition, he is a French Navy Reserve Officer. During his career, he served as Captain on yachts and passenger ships:

Royal Caribbean International: M/v Bleu de France (200m / 40000 UMS/ 750 PAX / crew 500);  M/v Empress (220m / 48500 UMS / 2020 PAX / crew 680); S/S Sky Wonder (241m / 46000 UMS /1800 PAX /crew 540)

Brittany Ferries: In charge of training center and safety management for the company (Vessels of 170 m / Ferries crossing between France and UK); and more…

Pierre Boudard is operations manager

Pierre Boudard

Operations Manager and DPA

After graduating from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 1993 (USA), Pierre started navigating in the Cruise industry.

Upon the arrival in 1997, of the ISM code and later on the ISPS code in the Merchant Marine, his task was to implement the compliant procedures.

In 2001, he had the opportunity to become a Master on a tanker and his previous experience lead him on several occasions to the office to improve the existing documentary system up to the new standards required by the OCIMF.

Manon Cherubini Accounting Manager

Manon Cherubini

Accounting and Crew Manager

With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in accounting from Florida Atlantic University, Manon is in charge of the Accounting and Finance department.

Manon does the bookkeeping, bank management, invoice collection and payments and prepares the accounts for auditing.

Manon also takes care crew, their SEAs, insurance, payrolls, diplomas check and more.