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In 1987, the Herald of Free Enterprise ferry – carrying more than 450 passengers, 80 crew, 80 cars, and 50 freight vehicles – flooded with water just moments after leaving Zebrügge’s port. Quickly destabilized, it sank in a matter of minutes. Tragically, 193 lives were lost.

The direct cause of the accident was that the bow door had remained wide open, flooding the lower deck as soon at the boat moved forward. The overworked and exhausted deckhand in charge of closing it had fallen asleep.

The indirect cause, though, was just as much to blame: the shore management had received numerous memos written by Townsend ship’s masters, pointing out the need to implement safety-enhancing measures or address serious deficiencies onboard their vessels.

The capsizing of the Herald of Free Enterprise precipitated the shift in maritime safety administration. It also spurred the development of the International Safety Management Code, or ISM Code, which is now mandatory for all commercial vessels about 500 GRT. The ISM Code is designed to ensure that safety is maintained both on board and by the management company.

One to One Yachts takes a strong, proactive approach to the safety of your yacht, passengers, and crew. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in implementing your Safety Management System (SMS), which means we will:

  • Plan for shipboard operations
  • Provide an ISM Code compliant Safety Management System that includes all of the ship’s safety information
  • Create and implement your yacht’s procedures
  • Create and implement your yacht’s check lists
  • Create all appropriate manuals
  • Implement contingency plans
  • Train and evaluate the Crew on the implementation of the Safety Management System

Throughout the year, One to One Yachts will provide continuous support. We will:

  • Schedule safety drills
  • Provide 24/7 Emergency response – One to One Yachts has two Designated Persons Ashore (DPAs)
  • Provide online access to the SMS on our online portal
  • Manage the ship’s certificates
  • Manage crew certificates
  • Maintain crew and passenger lists
  • Provide Working Hours management
  • Implement a planned maintenance system
  • Produce and manage a muster list
  • Provide updates of the SMS
  • Classification Management: Ensure the vessel is in class (RINA, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds, ABS…)
  • Monitor accident reporting
  • Monitor defect reports
  • Conduct internal audits
  • Coordinate external audits and obtain State Flag Safety Management Certification
  • In case of a safety incident, assist in implementing the plan and assist with media relations.

All documents and procedures will be accessible at all times on our online portal. Automated document control ensures that your yacht is always in compliance.

Automated alerts are generated to the crew to complete safety drills or maintenance.

In 2002, the French Flagged oil tanker Limburg was carrying 397,000 barrels of crude oil off the Yemen coast. Suicide bombers on a dinghy detonated their explosives on the starboard side of the tanker.

The vessel caught fire, and 90,000 barrels (14,000 m3) of oil leaked into the Gulf of Aden. One crew member was killed and 12 others were injured.

In the wake of this accident and 9/11, The International Maritime Organization (IMO) developed a comprehensive set of measures to enhance the security of ships and port facilities: the ISPS (or International Ship and Port Facility Security) Code.

One to One Yachts will implement your Ship Security Plan which includes:

  • The deployment of a One To One Yachts company security officer (CSO) to do a Ship Security Assessment (SSA)
  • Development of the Ship’s Security Plan (SSP) which includes procedures and contingency plans, training, crew requirements, security equipment maintenance schedules, and key contact information
  • Coordination with the Ship Security Officer
  • Training of the crew on the security procedures
  • Coordination of external audits
  • Submission and approval of the SSP by the flag state and delivery of the International Ship Security Certificate.

Throughout the year, One to One Yachts will provide continuous support. We will:

  • Schedule security drills
  • Conduct Internal audits once a year
  • Schedule and assist with External Flag audits to maintain certifications
  • In the case of a security incident, assist in implementing the plan and assist with media relations
  • Update the Ship Security Plan as needed
  • Provide 24/7 Emergency response – One to One Yachts has two Company Security Officers (CSOs)­­­­

Why 1 to 1


These procedures will greatly help your crew, family, and guests to be safe and secure.


With checklists, as well as scheduled and tracked maintenance, problems are detected early on and are less costly to fix.


Yachts can sink or catch fire – these stories are not just a myth. When they happen, it’s even more upsetting to learn that they could have been avoided in as many as 80% of the cases.

One to One Yacht Management will not only make your life easier, but will work daily to ensure that your investment – and the lives onboard – are as safe and secure as possible

Other Aspects of Yacht Management you might be interested in

Technical Yacht Support


We organize and plan the full maintenance and technical work of your yacht with the crew. Planning and organization gives time to get several estimates and optimize the maintenance schedule of your boat.

This saves the owner a lot of money, allowing for more time on the water to enjoy the yacht or book charters.

We have partnerships and pre-negotiated rates worldwide that will be utilized for your boat. That way, you can benefit from discounted prices and priority access to shipyards as needed.

Crew Management


To give peace of mind to the owner, we offer the option of administering contracts and payroll of the crew under a Guernsey-based Protected Cell Company. This allows for an extra layer of protection for the Yacht-owning company, in the case of a potential crew dispute, as the crew is hired under our Guernsey entity and not the owner.

As any business owner knows, the pleasure or challenge of operating a company is dependent upon the quality and commitment of its employees. We protect you against potential headaches while you enjoy a 5-Star service.

Yacht Operational support


Managing a yacht is no small task for a captain. Between all the technical aspects, crew management, endless administrative work, and the hospitality aspect of a chartered yacht, he needs onshore exterior resources on which to rely.

One-to-One Yacht Management is an onshore extension of your crew. From aiding the chef and sourcing supplies, to securing a berth for a special occasion or assisting guests with their travel plans, no task is too big or small for us.

Booking flights, coordinating logistics, facilitating financial transactions… it’s all in a day’s work for our dedicated team.