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Snow Bird Package

Our Snowbird Package is designed for yachts up to 80’, located in Miami, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, that do not have a full-time captain or crew, but whose owners want to make sure that their yacht is well taken care of while not in use.

It is ideal for absentee owners who come from the North East to enjoy their yachts for long week-ends; or European Shipyards who keep stock boats in Florida in between Boat Shows. In both cases, we keep your boat safe and ready for your trips or sea trials.

Please find our detailed offer:

1.  Weekly Exterior Wash

A deckhand washes your boat weekly using non-abrasive premium products and materials. This is a regular exterior wash.

From time to time, your boat might need more: bilge cleaning, painting, polishing the stainless-steel hardware. Any of these unusual extras will be billed at cost based on an accepted quote.

2.  Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning can vary tremendously depending on the use of the yacht. Understandably, a much deeper cleaning is required after a 2 weeks trip; while very light interior cleaning is required if the yacht is not used for 2 months.

Therefore interior cleaning will be billed on an hourly basis.

3.  Weekly checklist of all systems

We will perform a weekly checklist which includes starting all the major systems onboard.

A copy of the report will be provided online. If any issue arises, we will manage the repair and file a warranty claim if needed or provide the owner with two to three quote from our usual suppliers.

You will find at the end of this proposal a report sample.

4.  Quarterly checklist of safety equipment

Every quarter, we will go through a checklist of all safety equipment: life raft, flares, fire-fighting equipment, alarms, bilge pumps, etc.

5.  Maintenance

We will take care of scheduling the regular maintenance (diver, small repairs).

Yearly haul outs and maintenance will be managed at an extra cost. Management of these will be billed at $500/day on site or $80/hour for presence under 6 hours.

An electronic maintenance log will be kept.

6.  Accounting

We open a dedicated bank account for the management of your yacht.

Only the expenses pertaining to your yacht will be made on that account. A permanent online access to your bank account will be provided.

We provide a detailed monthly financial report and a budget for the upcoming month. Scans of all the receipts are put on a cloud and fully accessible to the owner.

7.  Administration

We will take care of your yacht’s documentation and paperwork: registration renewal, radio license, insurance, various certificates. We will liaise with your insurance for every change onboard: crew, navigation area, activity, etc.

8.  Operations

We can help with marina bookings, coordinate charters with your charter broker, assist in recruiting a captain, assist with supplies and any other small task to help run your boat’s operations smoothly.

Why 1 to 1


This package allows you to have a boat well maintained at a reasonable price


While your boat is in Florida, you have the peace of mind to know that it is being checked on and taken care of.


Whether you are a shipyard holding stock or a New Yorker enjoying long week-ends on your yacht, this is the perfect solution!

Other Aspects of Yacht Management you might be interested in

Yacht Registration


The amount of administrative paperwork, certificates, surveys, and body of regulations that a yacht must have or comply with has become extremely strenuous. With One-to-One Yacht Management, you can rest assured that you are always in compliance and that all of your certificates are current.

With the use of our yacht management software, One-to-One Yacht Management keeps your yacht certified and travel-ready. We ensure that your yacht not only never misses a date, but we stay ahead of deadlines by anticipating and tracking every recertification and renewal.

Technical Yacht Support


We organize and plan the full maintenance and technical work of your yacht with the crew. Planning and organization gives time to get several estimates and optimize the maintenance schedule of your boat.

This saves the owner a lot of money, allowing for more time on the water to enjoy the yacht or book charters.

We have partnerships and pre-negotiated rates worldwide that will be utilized for your boat. That way, you can benefit from discounted prices and priority access to shipyards as needed.

Yacht Accounting


One-to-One Yacht Management’s team of accountants is precise. Expenses are reviewed by your Yacht Managers to ensure that prices and expenses are justified, reasonable and kept within budget as much as possible.

Our reports are clear and transparent. They will provide you with a 12-month forecast, so you can anticipate the cash flow needed.

You will know that your money is protected, accounted for, and wisely spent. You’ll also know well in advance how much you will need to spend and when to run your yacht.