Technical Support for Yachts
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Technical Yacht Management

At One to One Yacht Management, we visit your yacht on a regular basis. During that visit, we go through an extensive check list with your crew and visually inspect all the major technical items of your yacht. We also talk with your crew members, determining whether there are technical issues that have not been raised before via email or phone.

At One-to-One Yacht Management, we coordinate and supervise routine maintenance onboard yachts, deal with safety issues, manage classification of the vessel, and follow up with the regulatory bodies. We also help organize the full maintenance and technical work onboard vessels.

We have many years of experience in working with all types of contractors from around the world. Because of this, One-to-One Yacht Management has created a portfolio of very reliable contacts within the yachting industry worldwide. These contacts can be utilized for your boat, so its repair or service can be prioritized when the need arises.

Our technical support services include:

  • Scheduling of regular service and maintenance
  • Monitoring of satisfactory completion of works
  • Emergency technical support
  • Annual flag state surveys and safety audits
  • Research of specialist yards, cost, and availability, complete with estimate comparisons
  • Extensive international contact book of yards, approved engineers, suppliers, and specialist system technicians
  • Advisory services in cases of insurance and warranty claims
  • Close working relationship with major classification societies
  • Regular updates and progress reports throughout all works

Planned Maintenance System

We can also set up your Planned Maintenance System. We will enter into our powerful software every maintenance task that will need to be done for every piece of equipment on the vessel. A good PMS give you the assurance that every piece of equipment is maintained the way it is supposed to be and optimizes the chances not to have big technical problems in the future.

As an example, on a brand new 70-meter yacht, there are about 150 pieces of equipment that require about 400 maintenance tasks to be scheduled. This clearly requires to be organized and scheduled.

Why 1 to 1


Have you ever been to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say the car needs a new transmission? Now change the car for a yacht and multiply the cost by 1000. Our technical team will not let that happen to you.


We ensure that your yacht’s routine maintenance is done on time, every time, before it becomes a big issue.


Benefit from our partnerships with shipyards and contractors all around the world.

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As many as 80% of accidents at sea are due to human error. We believe that safety is paramount to the good operation of a yacht. By setting up the yacht’s Safety Management System with tools, checklists, and rigorous procedures, we minimize the risks for the owner, his family, guests, and the crew. Additionally, Terrorism and Piracy are also a very real threat today and we protect you by implementing your Ship’s Security Plan.

Our team of experts train your crew onboard, audit the yacht on a regular basis, provide a 24/7 emergency response and comply with every current applicable regulation.

Crew Management


To give peace of mind to the owner, we offer the option of administering contracts and payroll of the crew under a Guernsey-based Protected Cell Company. This allows for an extra layer of protection for the Yacht-owning company, in the case of a potential crew dispute, as the crew is hired under our Guernsey entity and not the owner.

As any business owner knows, the pleasure or challenge of operating a company is dependent upon the quality and commitment of its employees. We protect you against potential headaches while you enjoy a 5-Star service.

Yacht Accounting


One-to-One Yacht Management’s team of accountants is precise. Expenses are reviewed by your Yacht Managers to ensure that prices and expenses are justified, reasonable and kept within budget as much as possible.

Our reports are clear and transparent. They will provide you with a 12-month forecast, so you can anticipate the cash flow needed.

You will know that your money is protected, accounted for, and wisely spent. You’ll also know well in advance how much you will need to spend and when to run your yacht.