Monthly Report: Each month, we send a beautiful, clear, comprehensive report that can be read quickly on the phone. It contains what happened on the yacht and what is to come in 1 to 12 months. That way, the owner can anticipate what’s next and is always in the loop. We are not one of these companies that calls only with bad news or sends and Excel spreadsheet with a list of transactions at the end of the month.

Quality of Service: Our monthly reports reflect all of the work that we put into professionally managing your yacht. We are always on top of things so that your yacht brings you pleasure… not headaches. We were told once by a yacht owner that our report was the only one that he was always excited to receive.


Cost Control – Expense control by yacht managers makes a world of a difference. From airplane tickets to parts sourcing and technical repairs, we control and check every expense, down to the cent. Our technical control will avoid the yacht being ripped off or taken advantage of. 

Planning – Extensive planning and organization allow us to optimize many costs, like crew time off or yard time.

Partnerships – Thanks to the relationships we developed over the years, you will be taken care of in priority in many places, whether for maintenance, dockage, or supplies.


Liability: Your crew is entirely administered by our Guernsey-based Protected Cell Company, and not from the company that owns the yacht. This brings you added peace of mind and saves you from potentially have to pay thousands, even millions for something you are not responsible for, like in this 130′ yacht owner’s case for example.

Regulations: We also ensure that  applicable Crew regulations are respected and adhered to (MLC, flag state, country of the navigation, etc.).

Service: All that is left for you to do is enjoy 5-star service from a happy, well treated and trained crew.


Liabilities: There are tons of liabilities associated with yacht ownership. Years of experience managing yachts have shown that owners that are not protected by a good yacht management company are at high risks.

Yacht Repairs: Have you ever been to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say the car needs a new transmission? Now change the car for a yacht and multiply the cost by 1000. Our technical team will not let that happen to you.

Crew: January 2018: A stewardess won a 70M$ verdict against the owner of the 130′ Endless Summer because she was raped onboard, but not by the owner who has to pay the 70M… By the Polish drunk deckhand. With 1-to-1 YM, the owner would have been protected. And chances are, so would have been the stewardess as the VHF would have been in good working condition and she would have been able to call for help.

Navigation: While this 140′ yacht was on its way to pick up its owner in the Caribbean, water started getting in the engine room. Panicked, the crew abandoned ship while the boat was still completely afloat. But without any attempt to stop the water from coming in, the yacht simply slowly sank, only 15 nm offshore. The insurance rejected the claim as when the crew was questioned, they simply stated that they did not know how to activate the emergency pumps, nor did they know that the engines could also be turned into giant pumps which would have easily kept the boat dry until the boat reached a haul out facility. 121 YM offers a Safety training program to your crew, onboard, preparing them for every possible catastrophic scenario; keeping them, your guests and the yacht safe.

Registration: This summer, you just wanted to really visit the South of France with your yacht. But you did not know, after 3 months, your crew is supposed to be under the French social system…

Stories like these buzz on all the marina docks in the world. Yacht Management requires knowledge, precision and integrity. A professional Yacht Management Company more than pays for itself.


A yacht is a business: It is owned by a company that may or may not have charter income, but has crew members (Human Resources), income, loans, and expenses (Accounting, Finance, Banking), certifications (Administrative), maintenance (Operations), taxes and duties to pay (Import, Export, Cruising Permits, Flag, VAT, Sales Tax, Income tax, Employment Tax), Regulations to respect (MLC, ISM, ISPS, SOLAS, COLREG, MARPOL, STCW, and the list goes on…), etc.

The same way you would hire an expert team to take care of a very regulated business of that size, you need a yacht management team of experts to take care of your yacht.

Our Team: Everyone of our team members is highly qualified in his or her field. Our technical team is comprised of Captains and Engineers with the highest diplomas and experience onboard the world’s largest boats. Our accountants hold MBAs or Masters in finance.

But not only do we select our team on their diplomas and experience, but on their personal character. They are people’s persons, they are honest and they have a will to always learn new things and better themselves. We are a service company, and our investment is on people.