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Crew Management

To offer the maximum protection to the owner, One-to-One Yacht Management can administer crew contracts and payroll under a Guernsey-based Protected Cell Company. This allows for an extra layer of protection for the yacht owner in the case of a potential crew dispute.

As an example, we protect you from being the next MY Endless Summer case where the owner-employer had to pay 71 million $ to a stewardess who was raped by her Polish drunk coworker (deckhand).

As any business owner knows, the pleasure or challenge of operating a company is dependent upon the quality and commitment of its employees.

One-to-One Yacht Management protects you against possible headaches, so you can focus on enjoying yourself onboard and be taken care of by your first-class personnel.

List of Yacht Crew services we can provide:

  • Crew payroll administration by a Guernsey-based employer, with the option to deduct social security contributions on behalf of the crew.
  • Verification of qualifications, references, and experience.
  • Management of hiring, dismissals, and disciplinary procedures when necessary.
  • Verification of compliance with flag state’s safe manning requirements.
  • Logistical support with travel, visas, medicals, etc.
  • Organization of ongoing training programs and safety compliance.
  • Fully MLC (Maritime Labour Convention 2006) compliant Seafarer Employment Agreements, approved by MLC and flag state.
  • Non-disclosure Agreements to protect clients and their guests’ privacy and security.
  • All crew information is stored and available on our online platform (including photos, diplomas, documents, hours of rests, vacation, employment documents, background, resumes, etc.).
  • Crew insurance – We will find and negotiate crew insurance or personal injury policies that follow MLC and the flag state.
  • Reporting – We will provide monthly reports on crew changes, movements, promotions, and any other relevant information.

Rules and regulations are increasingly difficult to comply and keep up with, thanks to ever-changing policies (MLC 06, flag state, and which waters the yacht is navigating in). One to One Yacht Management will ensure that your yacht always complies with the rules, no matter where your yacht travels.

Why 1 to 1


Crew is administered by an external company, through our management.


We follow legal regulations, so the Crew has good working conditions and the Owner can enjoy a happy crew.


A Protected Cell Company is a company from Guernsey (small island between France and England) that van have Cells. Each cell is completely segregated, so that any creditor or claimant cannot access another cell of the PCC, let alone another company.


First of all, each cell is dedicated to 1 yacht, contrary to other companies that will have many yachts under one company. Therefore when there is an issue with 1 crew member on 1 yacht and therefore with that hiring company, the entire system is compromised.

Besides, Guernsey is not part of the EU, however, through the PCC, we are able to contribute to UK, or Maltese social security systems, which is very advantageous for the crew and not as costly as the French system for example.

The Maritime Labour Convention

Other Aspects of Yacht Management you might be interested in

Yacht Accounting


One-to-One Yacht Management’s team of accountants is precise. Expenses are reviewed by your Yacht Managers to ensure that prices and expenses are justified, reasonable and kept within budget as much as possible.

Our reports are clear and transparent. They will provide you with a 12-month forecast, so you can anticipate the cash flow needed.

You will know that your money is protected, accounted for, and wisely spent. You’ll also know well in advance how much you will need to spend and when to run your yacht.

Yacht Registration


The amount of administrative paperwork, certificates, surveys, and body of regulations that a yacht must have or comply with has become extremely strenuous. With One-to-One Yacht Management, you can rest assured that you are always in compliance and that all of your certificates are current.

With the use of our yacht management software, One-to-One Yacht Management keeps your yacht certified and travel-ready. We ensure that your yacht not only never misses a date, but we stay ahead of deadlines by anticipating and tracking every recertification and renewal.

Technical Yacht Support


We organize and plan the full maintenance and technical work of your yacht with the crew. Planning and organization gives time to get several estimates and optimize the maintenance schedule of your boat.

This saves the owner a lot of money, allowing for more time on the water to enjoy the yacht or book charters.

We have partnerships and pre-negotiated rates worldwide that will be utilized for your boat. That way, you can benefit from discounted prices and priority access to shipyards as needed.