Yacht Accounting
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Yacht Accounting and Finance

One-to-One Yacht Management will account for every cent spent on your yacht. We will protect your money and your yacht through financial and operational control of the yacht’s expenses.

  • The 3 Estimates Policy: One to One Yachts has a “three estimates policy” for each large expense that arises. Whenever possible, we will ensure that suppliers’ prices are competitive by obtaining at least three quotes and bidding them against each other.
  • Financial control, procedures, and reporting
  • Audit and control of all expenses, particularly those managed in cash
  • A dedicated bank account for your yacht only
  • Crew bank cards for heads of departments
  • Online banking access
  • Accounting for the boat
  • All invoices available online (stored in a secure cloud database) for review at any time
  • Budget production and approval, with a forecast of at least 3 months
  • Financial reports to be provided monthly: Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Budget (example in Appendix)
  • Financial reports to be provided annually: Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Budget (example in Appendix)
  • Bank and credit cards statements
  • Annual financial statements will be prepared and delivered in a timely fashion, ready for your Certified Accountant to file taxes (if applicable) under the law of the country in which the company is registered.
  • Financial audits to be conducted if requested by owner or authorities

Why 1 to 1


Reasonable controlled expenses. We protect your hard work.


We provide a clear detailed monthly report with financial reports, graphs, and explanations.


We provide a 12-month forecast, which is updated monthly, so you have a clear picture of what is to come.


Our reports comply with the regulations of the countries of registration for both the yacht and its owning entity.

Extracts of a Yachts’ Financial Report

Other Aspects of Yacht Management you might be interested in

Crew Management


To give peace of mind to the owner, we offer the option of administering contracts and payroll of the crew under a Guernsey-based Protected Cell Company. This allows for an extra layer of protection for the Yacht-owning company, in the case of a potential crew dispute, as the crew is hired under our Guernsey entity and not the owner.

As any business owner knows, the pleasure or challenge of operating a company is dependent upon the quality and commitment of its employees. We protect you against potential headaches while you enjoy a 5-Star service.

Technical Yacht Support


We organize and plan the full maintenance and technical work of your yacht with the crew. Planning and organization gives time to get several estimates and optimize the maintenance schedule of your boat.

This saves the owner a lot of money, allowing for more time on the water to enjoy the yacht or book charters.

We have partnerships and pre-negotiated rates worldwide that will be utilized for your boat. That way, you can benefit from discounted prices and priority access to shipyards as needed.

Yacht registration


If you were given the opportunity to obtain a passport from any country in the world, which one would you choose? Each state offers varying levels of benefits, protection, status, and financial advantages, while also requiring its citizens to obey different laws, follow different regulations, and pay different taxes.

Selecting the flag state and the country and structure of the owning entity of your yacht involves a similar decision-making process. The vessel is bound to the law of its flag state, who exercises regulatory control over it and its crew. We will help you select the best flag for your yacht, take care of the necessary paperwork and save you from paying unnecessary taxes.