Yacht Management Savings Calculator

Calculate your Savings with One-to-One Yacht Management
  • Yacht Registration

    Your yacht's country of registration determines the set of rules the yacht is operating under. Choosing the best flag for your situation is paramount.
  • The country of registration determines the laws and taxes that apply to it.
  • Please enter a number from 50 to 5000.
    More than the length, the volume of your yacht is a better indicator of the typical expenses and crew of a yacht
  • Crew

    Depending on the country of payroll processing, the crew have different rights, advantages, costs, taxes. There are solutions to optimize company and employees advantages.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 40.
  • Finance

    Managing the finances of a yacht is no easy task. This is why just like for running a business, it is necessary to have a team of accountants.
    Repairs can quickly become costly and often not easy to understand. Who makes sure they are ok?
    Few people realize how much a Captain has to do between managing crew, charters, repairs, etc. He might not have the time to do everything. Also note that the cheaper is not always the better. But 3 estimates are also sometimes 3 different ways of doing things and can broaden horizons.
  • Maintenance, Safety and Security

    As many as 80% of accidents at sea are due to human error. Do you put all your chances on your side?
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    Please tell us what is your position with the yacht
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