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Yacht Administrative Support

With the use of our yacht management software, One-to-One Yacht Management keeps your yacht certified and travel-ready. We ensure that your yacht not only never misses a date, but we stay ahead of deadlines by anticipating and tracking every recertification and renewal.

When a survey is due, the work that must be done to pass can be anticipated. This anticipation gives time to get several quotes, and negotiate prices on any upgrade needed. This avoids  the added expense of last-minute pricing and your yacht being stopped.

One-to-One Yacht Management will maintain every one of your vessel’s certificates and ensure that they are all current, such as:

  • Certificate of registry
  • Co-ordinating the renewal/revalidation of Flag State and other statutory certification
  • Tonnage Certificates
  • Radio
  • Environment
  • Managing the communications arrangements on the yacht;
  • Administering the onboard entertainment subscriptions
  • Insurance for the yacht: insurance cover for hull and machinery; war risks; Owner’s liability insurance; or administering any insurance claims.

A copy of each document is kept on our Online portal and cloud, which makes it available to everyone (crew, yacht management, owner) at all times. This also ensures we are always alerted well in advance when one is set to expire. One-to-One Yacht Management never misses a renewal.

Why 1 to 1


The amount of administrative paperwork, certificates, surveys, and body of regulations that a yacht must have or comply with has become extremely strenuous.  With One to One Yachts, you can rest assured that you are always in compliance and that all of your certificates are current.

Other Aspects of Yacht Management you might be interested in

Yacht Accounting


One-to-One Yacht Management’s team of accountants is precise. Expenses are reviewed by your Yacht Managers to ensure that prices and expenses are justified, reasonable and kept within budget as much as possible.

Our reports are clear and transparent. They will provide you with a 12-month forecast, so you can anticipate the cash flow needed.

You will know that your money is protected, accounted for, and wisely spent. You’ll also know well in advance how much you will need to spend and when to run your yacht.

Crew Management


To give peace of mind to the owner, we offer the option of administering contracts and payroll of the crew under a Guernsey-based Protected Cell Company. This allows for an extra layer of protection for the Yacht-owning company, in the case of a potential crew dispute, as the crew is hired under our Guernsey entity and not the owner.

As any business owner knows, the pleasure or challenge of operating a company is dependent upon the quality and commitment of its employees. We protect you against potential headaches while you enjoy a 5-Star service.



As many as 80% of accidents at sea are due to human error. We believe that safety is paramount to the good operation of a yacht. By setting up the yacht’s Safety Management System with tools, checklists, and rigorous procedures, we minimize the risks for the owner, his family, guests, and the crew. Additionally, Terrorism and Piracy are also a very real threat today and we protect you by implementing your Ship’s Security Plan.

Our team of experts train your crew onboard, audit the yacht on a regular basis, provide a 24/7 emergency response and comply with every current applicable regulation.